San E, Verbal Jint and Swings Want to Know “Where Did You Sleep?” (MV)

Rapper San E has unveiled a music video for his new single “Where Did You Sleep?” The song and the music video feature his labelmates at Brand New Music, Verbal Jint and Swings, and it is the first time the trio are working together on a song in five years.

The MV was released on November 5 on Brand New Music’s official YouTube channel, and features San E reminiscing happier times with his girlfriend, while presently trying to investigate what she’s been up to. He gets interrupted by Verbal Jint, playing an FBI agent, and then by Swings, playing the role of a mafia boss. All three seem intent on finding out where and what the girl was up to, and why she had her phone switched off.

Check out the music video here!

San E also released a few teaser pictures for his comeback, shot by photographer Booba, who has previously photographed many of Korea’s top hip-hop artists. The pictures reveal a more serious side to the usually more wacky and playful side of San E.

His label, Brand New Music, expressed, “San E is releasing his first album under Brand New Music, so everyone is paying utmost attention to the details. We wanted to show a different side of the artist San E through this pictorial. Please lend your support to his new song ‘Where Did You Sleep?’”

San E
San E