Get Lunafly and Other K-Pop Artists to Perform in Your City Through MyMusicTaste

Here is some great news for international K-pop fans! No matter what country, what city you live in, you have an opportunity to invite Lunafly and other K-pop artists to perform where you are. 

MyMusicTaste is a smartphone app  that allows fans to show their favorite artists that they have fans all over the world, even in countries they might not expect. For Lunafly, over 1,000 fans in cities in Argentina and Venezuela have used this app to secure a concert. If more than 90 fans in one city uses the app to be seen and heard, Lunafly will be able to perform in that country. Check out their shout out video to Soompiers and international fans. The video also has Spanish, Japanese, and Turkish subtitles versions. 

You can also use the MyMusicTaste app to request other K-pop artists, and cities have already started requests for Big Bang, EXO-K, SHINee, and Teen Top

What are you waiting for? Stop wishing, and start making! 

Download the app for IOS or Android