Jaejoong’s Korean Album Ranks Fourth on Japan Oricon Weekly Chart

Kim Jaejoong’s first solo studio album, “WWW: Who, When, Why,” took number four on the Japanese Oricon Chart.

According to a representative of C-JeS Entertainment on November 6, “Kim Jaejoong is surprising Japanese music officials by holding a rank in the Japan Oricon Weekly Chart with a Korean album.” The rep also stated, “There was no promotion done in Japan. Thus, if we add the number of imported albums sold in record stores in Japan, we can see just how much popularity Kim Jaejoong’s album is receiving in Japan.”

In response to all the attention he is receiving, Kim Jaejoong plans to meet with 60,000 fans in Japan on November 15-16 at the Yokohama Stadium. A representative affiliated to the concert said, “There is only a handful of solo singers in Japan who can fill the Yokohama Stadium. Fans in Japan have great expectations for the show after hearing that Kim Jaejoong’s performance in Seoul was a success.”

Kim Jaejoong’s firs solo album, “WWW: Who, When, Why,” consists of many genres including soft rock, pop funk, britpop, and ballad. Many well-known artists participated in the album including Glay’s Takuro, Yoon Do Hyun, Noel’s Lee Sang Gon, Ha Dong Kyun, and BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung.

The singer captivated his audience at the “Kim Jaejoong First Album Asia Tour Concert” which took place on November 2-3 at Coex in Seoul.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong’s first solo album topped the iTunes charts in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Barbados, Lithuania, Vietnam, and Slovakia. The album also ranks within the top 30 in Norway, Belgium, Finland, and the U.K.