Tasty to Bring Flavor as Opening Acts of Girls’ Generation’s Hong Kong Concert

Twin duo group Tasty plans to perform at Girls’ Generation’s concert as the opening act!

Tasty’s agency, Woolim Label, announced on November 6 that the duo will be the opening act at Girls’ Generation’s Hong Kong Concert on November 9 and November 10. The concert, titled “2013 GIRLS’ GENERATION WORLD TOUR ~Girls & Peace~ in HONG KONG” will be the first time the twins participate in a Girls’ Generation concert. A representative of Tasty stated, “Tasty is preparing for their comeback in November, and will be filming in Hong Kong for their upcoming music video. We have already filmed a lot of the scenes.”

Having released songs “You Know Me” and “MAMAMA,” Tasty have experienced a bit of SM Entertainment in October when the duo participated in “SM TOWN LIVE in BEIJING.” Back in August, Woolim Entertainment, home to groups Infinite, Tasty, and NELL, announced a merge with SM Entertainment’s subsidiary company, SM C&C. The merge, which created the new “Woolim Label,” raised questions and concerns among Woolim artists’ fans on the extent of participation in SM Entertainment affiliated activities. Tasty’s participation in the upcoming Girls’ Generation’s Hong Kong concert foreshadows the future relationship between Woolim Label’s and SM Entertainment’s artists.

Through the new partnership, SM Entertainment became in charge of the Woolim artist’ global music distribution, while SM C&C began to coordinate Woolim Label’s activities. Girls’ Generation’s world tour continues in Hong Kong as the “2013 GIRLS’ GENERATION WORLD TOUR ~Girls & Peace~ in HONG KONG” will take on November 9 and 10.