Girls’ Day’s Hyeri and Yura Celebrate Their Three Years Debut Anniversary

Girl’s Day members Hyeri and Yura celebrated their three years debut anniversary!

On November 5, Yura posted on her Twitter, “Today happens to Hyeri’s and Yura’s three year debut anniversary. Thank you for the congratulations. Let’s live together for one million years! No? Okay,” conveying the singers’ cute relationship with her fans. What was even cuter, however, was the selca posted along with the Twitter update. The photo captured members Hyeri and Yura posing cutely for the camera, as the all-dressed-in-white singers expressed their gratitude towards their fans.

hyeri yura

In September 2010, Hyeri and Yura joined Girl’s Day as new members. Girl’s Day released their debut album, “Girl’s Day Party #1” on July 9, but experienced member changes two months later through the addition of Hyeri and Yoora after two former members left the group.

Today, Girl’s Day consists of members Sojin, Yura, Minah, and Hyeri.