Jung Joo Ri: “My Ex-Boyfriend Emptied Our Piggy Bank”

Female comedian Jung Joo Ri recently shared a few shocking stories of her previous boyfriend and his inappropriate actions.

During the filming of KBS2 “Mamma Mia,” Jung Joo Ri revealed that her ex-boyfriend had a tendency to steal items from her house. She surprised the audience by saying, “He once took 10 kilograms of rice that I had received as a gift after participating in a special Chuseok program.”

“He also really enjoyed playing computer games, but he had no money to go to a PC bang (public computer room). Soon I noticed that he had ripped open the piggy bank at our house with a knife and taken the money,” she added.

One would expect a girl to be hurt, but the comedian showed his affection toward her ex-boyfriend, “That man gave me much more than what he took.” Her mother, who also appeared in the show, showed her understanding as she confessed, “I know about this as well, but it is okay because it is him.” Seems like this anonymous man had a very special place in Jung Joo Ri’s heart.

This episode of “Mamma Mia” will air on November 6 at 11:10PM (KST).