2AM’s Jokwon Talks About Sunye’s Baby

2AM’s Jokwon talks about his BFF Sunye’s newborn baby.

On November 6, Jokwon was a guest on KBS Cool FM’s radio program “Jo Jung Chi and Hareem’s Two O’Clock” where he was asked about Wonder Girls‘ Sunye.” He answered, “Sunye is doing well in Canada. She recently gave birth to a healthy girl. She’s pretty.”

When asked who she resembled, he answered, “I think she got Sunye’s wide forehead. She took all the good features [from her parents].”

Jokwon continued, “Sunye gave birth at home and the baby girl is healthy. We often keep in contact and send each other text messages”

Sunye got married earlier this year in January to Korean-Canadian missionary James Pak after dating two years. She was in labor for eight hours before giving birth to a healthy girl, Pak Eun Joo.

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