Kahi and After School to Appear on “SNL Korea”

Get ready for fierce ladies taking over “SNL Korea!”

Solo artist Kahi and girl group After School will be joining the cast of tvN’s popular rated-R comedy show and putting their acting skills to test during a live broadcast.

On November 6, a representative of “SNL Korea” revealed that the girls will be appearing on the show on November 16. It will be their first time to stand in front of a live audience and perform witty jokes on stage.

The viewers are already anticipating to see Kahi, who has shown praiseworthy acting in “Dream High 2” and “Story Show Hwasubun,” and for members of After School to show a new and unseen side of them. Naturally, fans of After School cannot wait to see how the previous leader of the group will interact with the other girls, especially since this will be their first time filming a show together after she left her position.

Are you excited to see how the girls will handle the jokes directed at mature audiences?