Miryo Releases Individual Teaser for Brown Eyed Girls’ Sub Unit “M&N” Comeback

Brown Eye GirlsMiryo and Narsha will be forming their own sub unit called “M&N,” and after released Narsha’s teaser photo, they released Miryo’s just-as-sexy teaser photo through Brown Eyed Girls’ official Twitter account.

In her teaser photo, Miryo wears a lacy white bra and a very short skirt. She holds a colorful lollipop, like Narsha, to her chest. 

Miryo also retweeted the photo and added her own words. She wrote, “Also, to all the people taking the suneung, I hope you do great. Good luck, good luck!” 

“M&N” will put out their first digital single on November 11. The track was composed by Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA, and Miryo and Narsha not only wrote the lyrics, but were also involved in producing the song.