MR.MR Asks “Do You Feel Me” in Comeback Video Teaser

MR.MR fans, get ready for the boys’ comeback!

On November 7, a teaser of the group’s upcoming music video for “Do You Feel Me” was revealed. The digital single will be released tomorrow on November 8 along with the full music video.

In the teaser, the members are groomed to perfection as they are looking sharp-dressed with their beautifully detailed coats, and their sleek hairstyles finish off the noble look. The set looks like an old castle with large windows and subtle rays of light coming in, and you can see a mysterious girl dressed in white peeking at the boys and walking in empty hallways. The whole atmosphere is very romantic and reminiscent of a fairy tale.

Their agency Winning Insight Entertainment commented, “We tried to showcase the true manly side of MR.MR. Please show your support.”

MR.MR’s third digital single “Do You Feel Me” highlights the boys’ masculinity through a pop dance track with electronic synthesizer effects. The members’ harmony and strong vocal skills are said to be impressive in this song.

In addition, it is the first time for recently added new member Hon to promote as a member of the group.

Stay tuned for the full release of the music video tomorrow, and meanwhile, check out the teaser below!