No Plans for New Season of “Reply” Drama Series

Sad news for all “Reply” fans. It seems like the stories depicting the 90’s are coming to an end.

Shin Won Ho PD of tvN “Reply 1994” revealed on November 6, “There are no plans for a third season.” A representative added on the same day, “Even since he started to plan ‘Reply 1994,’ he was quite sure it will become the last season of the series.” The season one titled “Reply 1997” and the currently airing “Reply 1994” have been successful, but the producers believe it is time to end the drama.

“I think seasons one and two have revealed enough of the events that took place in the 1990’s,” the PD explained why he will not be producing a new season. He also said that he is hoping to greet the viewers soon with a fresh and new drama. A representative of CJ E&M commented, “There are no concrete plans after ‘Reply 1994’ ends. The producers might come up with a completely different type of drama next, or they might just select a new time era. Nothing is confirmed at this point.”

“Reply 1994” has been airing since last month and has followed the success story of “Reply 1997.” Through the drama you can relive the highlights of 1994, such as the basketball fever and the rise of Seo Taiji and Boys

How do you feel about their decision to end the hit series?