miss A’s Suzy Says Her Favorite Facial Feature is Her Eyes

On November 6, Suzy had an interview with SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment.” In the interview, Suzy was posed with the question, “When did you start being pretty?” She answered, “Since 8th grade. I think I liked the way I look. It’s self-satisfaction,” as she laughed. 

She was also asked the question, “Which facial feature do you like most about yourself?” Suzy replied, “I like my eyes the most. I think my eyes are pretty because the whites of my eyes are really white.” The reporter mentioned how she said her nose was her favorite facial feature in a previous interview, and Suzy wittily answered, “Next time, I will say it’s my mouth.”

Photos of Suzy in middle school were revealed on the show. The photos displayed her innocent beauty.

Suzy also spilled her secrets to maintaining clear skin and her body on the interview.