T.O.P Would Not Let His Younger Sister Date a Big Bang Member

Who would not love a big brother like T.O.P

Only someone who is deeply in love with a Big Bang member, it seems.

Rapper-turned-actor T.O.P sat down with TV Daily for an interview right before the premiere of the movie “The Alumni.” He opened up about his on-screen little sister Kim Yoo Jung and answered a few questions regarding little sisters in general.

In the movie, T.O.P plays the role of a North Korean agent Ri Myung Hoon, who agrees to go on a mission to South Korea in order to protect his one and only little sister Ri Hye In (Kim Yoo Jung). He is a true “sister’s brother” who always thinks about his little sister first.

The actor, who was revealed to be the mood-maker on set, revealed, “Yoo Jung is the younger one, but she is so concentrated and mature that most of the time I felt like I was the one joking.” 

When asked what he thinks of the saying that men have a certain fantasy about younger sisters, he answered, “I think that it is true. In case of a young and childish sister I would probably not say this, but if I had a sister like Kim Yoo Jung I would probably care for her a lot. I would not do bad things to her and just live a honorable and faithful life. I find that there is something deep about the relationship.”

However, when it came down to whether T.O.P would introduce his imaginary little sister to a Big Bang member, he immediately responded, “If I had a sister, would I introduce her to one of our members? They are cool guys, but this has nothing to do with that. Would I let them close to my family?” he laughed and added, “If someone made my younger sister cry, our team work could be negatively affected, so it is not good to mix family and work.”

T.O.P is currently promoting “The Alumni,” which hit the theaters on November 6 and immediately took the top spot of the box office.