Caro Emerald’s Producer Responds to Primary’s Plagiarism Controversy

After news of Primary raising plagiarism suspicions hit the media, dutch artist Caro Emerald‘s producer David Schreurs left a series of tweets about his response.

On November 4, Schreurs tweeted, “South Korean hit producer @mrPRIMARY really seems to like our songs.. it all sounds a bit errrr.. Familiar? Props for his production though.”

He also tweeted, “Myung Soo & Primary ‘I Got C’ great blend of Liquid Lunch+You Don’t Love Me. Over the line but you gotta love the track! #IGotC,” and “The Other Woman and One Day also got ripped off haha.”

Two days later on November 6, Schreurs tweeted again, “@mrPRIMARY @amoebakorea yes we think you guys copied us. Not the end of the world, just not very cool. Credit where credit is due #IGotC,” and “All discussion aside, ‘I Got C’ still is a great great track. Heard it a few times now and it stays fresh. @mrPRIMARY knows how to do it.”

Previously, Dispatch released an article with contents of an email from David Schreurs, who broke down each of Primary’s songs in question and compared it to his own music.

Primary wrote “I Got C” for Park Myung Soo for the “Infinity Challenge” song festival special. However, it was criticized to be very similar to a few of Caro Emerald’s songs. Afterwards, Primary’s other songs such as Park Ji Yoon‘s “Mr. Lee” and “Happy Ending” were questioned for plagiarism as well.