Actress Kim Jung Hwa Pregnant with First Child

Actress Kim Jung Hwa is reported to be eight weeks into her pregnancy with her first child.

A representative of Kim Jung Hwa’s agency told Mydaily, “”Kim Jung Hwa is pregnant. She knew of it in October, and she is about eight weeks in. She is expecting to give birth in June of next year. She is currently in the U.S. working with her husband, Yoo Eun Sung, on their music ministry. They plan to return to Korea at the end of the year.” 

The rep also reassured that “Kim Jung Hwa is healthy. She is feeling good and happy. She had said that she felt like it was time to become a mother.” 

Kim Jung Hwa’s pregnancy was announced first on her husband’s facebook. Yoo Eun Sung is a CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) singer and missionary. The two met while doing charitable activities and married in August of this year