What Does Heechul Think of Hit Producer Yoo Young Jin’s Skills?

Idol industry expert Kim Heechul has shared his opinion on the competitive power of SM Entertainment‘s representative producer Yoo Young Jin‘s work.

On November 7 broadcast of JTBC “War of Words,” the panel members discussed the ranking of producers active in the mainstream music industry. Seeing that no one from SM made the list of people owning the most copyrights, Kim Gu Ra asked, “Why doesn’t SM teach their artists producing skills?”

The Super Junior member explained, “Lee Soo Man would say that ‘If you don’t do better than professionals, then simply stick to singing’. He thinks it is better to let the professionals do their job, and our mission is to have fun on stage.”

Kim Gu Ra argued, “That seems like the best way to go. However, if you succeed like YG artists and can give tracks to your colleagues, wouldn’t that be good?” and added, “Even Kangin could become a wonderful singer-songwriter if he started to write songs while staying at the dorm alone,” bringing laughter to the studio.

“We would like to contribute as well, but there is no way of breaking through the wall of Yoo Young Jin and Kenzie,” Heechul said.

Immediately, Kim Gu Ra asked the idol a difficult question, “What do you think of Yoo Young Jin’s songs? As a person who might receive them, do you think they are competitive enough for the music market?” Being the honest man as he always is, Heechul confessed, “Once I though to myself ‘Oh no’ after hearing the guide version of a song. I also did say that Girls’ Generation‘s ‘The Boys‘ succeeded only because they performed it, I am not sure if any other group would have succeeded with it.”

Kim Gu Ra then referred to a now forgotten 90’s girl group and made everyone burst into laughter by saying, “If T.T.Ma performed it, it would not have been a hit.”