Big Question Mark Hanging Over f(x) Victoria’s Chinese Drama

Girl group f(x)’s Victoria was all set to appear in a Chinese drama, but it seems that filming has been abruptly halted even before the first shoot. This has undoubtedly left fans curious as to what is happening.

On November 8, Chinese media portal reported that the production team for Chinese fantasy wuxia drama “Chinese Paladin 5” had been suddenly dissolved. Director Lee Guo Li first brought up it up the topic via SNS.

Director Lee had posted on his Weibo account on November 8 that the filming for the drama had been abandoned. He attributed the dissolution of the production on “unsuitable choice of subject material,” adding, “As a result, it seems like all the effort the cast and crew have put in over the last few months has come to nothing. For that, I would like to extend my deepest apologies.” The post accompanied a picture of what is surmised to be one of the filming locations. The post has since been deleted.

The Chinese media had previously named youthful star Jiang Jing Fu and Victoria as the drama’s leads in a few of their articles. Victoria also recently flew out to Hengdian to join the rest of the cast. This was supposed to be Victoria’s second appearance in a Chinese drama, and fans have been disappointed by the abrupt notice with regards to the production team’s dissolution. Shanghai Tangren, the production company behind the drama, has kept quiet with regards to Director Lee’s Weibo post.

Based on the Chinese online game of the same name, the fantasy wuxia drama “Chinese Paladin 5” was to have aired its first episode on November 7. This was to have been Victoria’s second Chinese drama after “When Love Walked In” (also known as “The Prince Who Lost His Castle”).

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