Heechul Gives This Year’s “Infinity Challenge Music Festival” a Thumbs Down

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul expressed his disappointment at the “2013 Infinity Challenge Music Festival” on JTBC’s “Ssulzun.” The November 7 episode of “Ssulzun” took a look at the Infinity Challenge fever and its domination over variety and the music industry.

The MCs gave their opinions on this year’s “Music Festival.” “Primary’s song ‘I Got C’ has been very well received, but it’s a pity that the significance of the festival has been tainted by his plagiarism controversy.”

Kim Gura made reference to the festival being plagued by the plagiarism scandal, saying, “The genre’s similarity is like an all-powerful shield.” He pointed out that using the genre’s similarities to explain the similarities between the songs seemed like the easiest way out.

Some may see chart domination by “Music Festival” songs as unfair, but on the other hand, the festival has put out a large variety of songs that the public can choose from.

Kim Heechul pointed out, “This year’s festival was the most disappointing. The biggest pity was the hip hop stage. I felt that Gil was unable to fully show off his charisma.”

Reporter Heo Ji Woong expressed, “I can count the number of times I didn’t watch Infinity Challenge with my fingers. The show has been like a friend to me for the last eight years.” He pointed out the irony of Rose Motel appearing on Infinity Challenge.

“The band is powerless and has to rely on ‘Infinity Challenge.’ But once upon a time, ‘Infinity Challenge’ was in their position as well,” he explained, slightly lamenting the changes “Infinity Challenge” has undergo.

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