miss A Have a Feast in Their Waiting Room

Miss A revealed a photo of the group’s feast.

On November 7, miss A’s Fei wrote on her Twitter, “It’s really tasty! My stomach feels like it’s going to burst. Thank you,” and posted a photo of the group backstage at Mnet’s M! Countdown.

The scene of the feast showed a playful miss A ready to devour the food support provided by their fans. Although the waiting room seemed packed, miss A seemed to have no hesitations in placing their fans’ support first, filling the table with the prepared food.

Moreover, the prepared meals also grabbed attention as the rich colors of the food indicated the variety of healthy plates catered to the group. The silly atmosphere of the photo reflected miss A’s relationship with their fans as the prompt response by Fei indicated the group’s thankfulness towards their supporters.

Miss A partnered with producer duo E-Tribe to make their official comeback with the group’s new song, “Hush.”