Casting for New Drama “Kind Words” Complete

New SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Kind Words” has finished casting its main leads.

Actresses Han Hye Jin, Kim Ji Soo, actor Ji Jin Hee and rising stars Park Seo Joon and Han Groo had been cast earlier, and with the addition of actor Lee Sang Woo, the casting for the leads had been confirmed. The drama will now move onto the pre-production stage.

“Kind Words” is about two couples who tread a dangerous line in order to protect their families. This sensitive thriller-drama will explore how familial and marital problems are handled and the realities of complex, delicate married life. The drama hopes to portray things realistically enough for viewers to be able to identify with the issues at hand.

Lee Sang Woo will play Kim Sung Soo, husband to Han Hye Jin’s character, Na Eun Jin. The twist is that he’ll be a country bumpkin instead of a chic cosmopolitan type. He’s earned recognition at work, becoming the youngest section head of the human resource department, but a single mistake he makes causes their previously peaceful married life to fall into conflict. We can expect to see a very different side to Lee Sang Woo, as he will play a macho sort of character.

This will be Han Hye Jin’s first drama since getting married. She plays a hardworking and positive girl, Na Eun Jin, who has the conviction that nothing is impossible with sufficient effort. She’ll show a more mature acting style, helping to heal (or interfere with) couples with relationship problems similar to her role on “Healing Camp.”

Actress Kim Ji Soo returns to terrestrial broadcasting after two years. She was last seen on JTBC’s “Love Again” in 2012, but her last work with a terrestrial broadcaster was “King Geunchogo” on KBS in 2011. Her character takes care of her successful husband and two sons, and is envious of no one. To the outside world, she appears to be a perfectly devoted good wife and wise mother, Song Mi Kyung. She is expected to go head-to-head against her husband’s other woman, Na Eun Jin.

Song Mi Kyung’s husband, Yoo Jae Hak, will be played by Ji Jin Hee. He plays a highly sociable, gentlemanly and successful CEO. He is a respectable father and husband, who thought he was happy with two sons in his life until he meets Eun Jin. It is then that he begins to reflect on his life, and the conflict between responsibility to family and his feelings about love. Ji Jin Hee will have to break down the psyche of the middle-aged man and portray a strong character with some robust acting.

The production team revealed their thoughts with regards to the casting of “Kind Words,” “We were committed to finding the most suitable actors for the roles in the drama. We hope that through “Kind Words,” we can explore the wounds that people are often indifferent to. Han Hye Jin, Lee Sang Woo, Kim Ji Soo and Ji Jin Hee are the best actors for their roles, and we have high expectations for their acting.”

Han Hye Jin, Lee Sang Woo, Kim Ji Soo, Ji Jin Hee and rising stars Park Seo Joon and Han Groo will star in the new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Kind Words” which will follow after “Suspicious Housekeeper.” It is scheduled to air its first broadcast on December 2.

(Scriptwriter: Ha Myung Hee, Director: Choi Young Hun)

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