Go Jun Hee Wants To Get Married Quickly

Actress Go Jun Hee revealed that she had thought about marriage because of fellow actress Kim Hyo Jin.

On the November 7 press premiere of the movie “Marriage Blue,” Go Jun Hee expressed, “Whenever I see Kim Hyo Jin I want to get married fast. When I see Kim Hyo Jin on the set of filming, I want to get married quickly.”

In regards to the abrupt desire, the actress clarified, “Kim Hyo Jin is only one year older than me, but when I look at her should I say that I feel a sense of security? It seemed great to see. I believe it’s because Yoo Ji Tae is good to her, and because of that thought it made me think about marriage.”

Kim Hyo Jin had married actor Yoo Ji Tae back in 2011 after five years of dating. Previously, Go Jun hee experienced marriage life when she was partners with 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon on the MBC variety show, “We Got Married.” However, currently she experienced another side of marriage through the filming of “Marriage Blue.”

The movie “Marriage Blue” is about the story of four couples one week before their wedding day, starring Kim Kang Woo, Kim Hyo Jin, Lee Yeon Hee, Ock Taecyeon, Ma Dong Suk, Lee Hee Joon, and Go Jun Hee. “Marriage Blue” is set to be released on November 21.