Kim Woo Bin: “I Want to Be Friends with G-Dragon But It’s Hard to Approach Him”

Kim Woo Bin recently showed interest in Big Bang‘s G-Dragon.

On November 8, Kim Woo Bin was a guest on the SBS radio show, “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” where he shared a variety of interesting stories.

During the show, Park So Hyun asked, “How come you lost so much weight?” and Kim Woo Bin answered, “I lost weight because of my intense schedule.”

They also talked about how Kim Woo Bin is currently the MC for Mnet’s “M!Countdown.” He shared, “I like watching the performances so I’m having a lot of fun.” When Park So Hyun asked, “How do you think it would have been if you were an idol?” Kim Woo Bin answered, “Well, I can’t sing,” with a laugh.

When he was asked, “Are you close with any singers?” he answered, “Actually, the MC spot and the stage is pretty far apart. Personally, I’m a fan of many artists. I want to be friends with G-Dragon. I’m a huge fan but it was hard to talk to him.”

Then Park So Hyun commented, “I think G-Dragon is actually very kind but he does seem like he’s hard to approach. But I bet if someone told him this, he would also say, ‘Kim Woo Bin is also hard to approach.'”

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