Yeo Jin Goo VS. Lee Hyun Woo: Battle for New Male Actor Award

Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight because the battle for the New Male Actor Awards just escalated to another level.

On November 6, the nominees or the “34th Blue Dragon Awards” were released. Through the nominee announcements, the November 22 award ceremony is expected to be a close battle between talented actors. However, much interest in placed on one category in particular: the New Male Actor Category.

Actors Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Hyun Woo have both been nominated in the category for New Male Actor, with Yeo Jin Goo being nominated for his role in “Hwai: The Boy Who Swallowed a Monster” and Lee Hyun Woo nominated for “Secretly and Greatly.” Other nominations include Go Gyung Pyo in “Scary Story 2,” Suh Yong Joo in “Moebius,” and Im Seulong in “26 Years.”

Yeo Jin Goo Lee Hyun Woo 2

However, despite the other talented nominees, Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Hyun Woo have received greater attention for their nominations because of their acting backgrounds. Both actors have proved their ability to portray dynamic characters despite their young age. Yet, the New Male Actor Award will be a special award as it becomes the transitioning platform away from their titles as child actors.

The award ceremony calculates both expert surveys and the public votes in concluding the winners of each category. The “34 Blue Dragon Awards” will open on November 22.

Who do you think deserve to win?