Soompi Ulzzang Round 3 Voting Begins, Interview with Nega Network Co-Founder Yoon Il Sang


We’ve reached the halfway point of our annual Soompi Ulzzang Contest, and things are heating up! We’re down to only 52 girls and 31 boys. Why the odd numbers? Our Soompi Ulzzang sponsor Nega Network decided to handpick several people who didn’t make it through to Round 3 by votes and use their “Save” option. 

We also have a very special interview with Nega Network co-founder and famed composer Yoon Il Sang. He gives realistic career tips to those dreaming to become musicians in Korea and also talks about the music industry and idols. 

Check out the interview below, and be sure to vote in Round 3 and help make someone’s dream come true. The winners and runners-up will get video interviews with Nega Network, home to the Brown Eyed Girls, Lunafly, and LC9, home of 2011 Soompi Ulzzang Contest winner E.Den.

Keep up with all the latest updates at our official Soompi Ulzzang 2013 forum thread.