[Recap] Please Think Fondly of Our Love – We Got Married 110913

This week on “We Got Married,” Taemin and Son Na Eun enjoy a roof top date, Jung Yoo Mi and Jung Joon Young practice for their marathon, and Yoon Han makes Lee So Yeon a ring.

Please think fondly of our love– This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

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When we left off last week, Son Na Eun had prepared a surprise for Taemin to celebrate SHINee‘s comeback. After giving him a puzzle to solve and passing out gifts (poor Minho), she has her chance to tell the other SHINee members about what Taemin did to her a few weeks back. Taemin tries to act like it wasn’t a big deal, but Na Eun gives her sunbaes a play by play of the worst date she has ever had. Jonghyun, Key, and Minho count off the ten (give or take) sins Taemin had committed against his wife. To punish him, they take turns hitting him in the hands.

Except, it turns out to be more of a punishment for the other members. When Taemin’s hands receive the hair brush punishment, Na Eun takes them into hers and gently blows on them. Looks like Na Eun has completely forgiven him; after all they can laugh about it now. Meanwhile, Taemin is loving the attention.


I think the producers are running out of date ideas, because Taemin and Na Eun have their date at the MBC broadcast station. They even go to the WGM planning room, and write down some of their ideas for the producers to take note (They will never let go of Spain). They also go to a recording room, and Taemin gives Na Eun some interesting singing tips. He also reminds us that on WGM he is a dorky boyfriend, but in real life he’s actually a very strong singer. He’s not very good at memorizing the lyrics (which makes sense considering the number of songs SHINee had to perform until now), and then alters the lyrics to fit them. When he sees that Na Eun takes his hands after he sings about it, he sings about hugging and even kissing without missing a beat. Na Eun isn’t falling for it, but she has a good laugh. Taemin sure is an opportunist.


After the couple go on a joy ride on a cleaning scooter that was “left behind” with a camera attached on it, Taemin invits Na Eun to the roof. Even the MCs didn’t know you could go on the roof. It’s a clear night, and they enjoy the Ilsan night line. When they are sitting down (and snuggling), Taemin shares how he used to go to the Han river late at night with his friends, one of them being EXO‘s Kai. He then calls them up to brag about his pretty wife. He invites them to meet in her real life, which they gladly accept.

Does this mean we’ll see EXO on WGM again? Not right away because it looks like the two will go back to Jeju Island, where they first met. Has it been that long since they first became a couple?


Jung couple decides to buy each other a present, and they both have ulterior motives for their gifts. Jung Yoo Mi wants to buy her husband exercise clothes so that he can be excited about the marathon. Jung Joon Young wants to buy his wife a guitar so she can be distracted and forget about the marathon. It doesn’t quite work out that way. Yoo Mi almost falls for it when she sees the hot pink guitar that fits her really well. In the interview she laughs sheepishly and says, “I’m such an easy woman, aren’t I?” Not really. After strumming a few chords on her new guitar, she is back to business and tells Joon Young to get ready to run.


Before exercise, you should warm up and stretch. Yoo Mi tries to guide her husband in a few basic stretches, but he can only half heartedly follow along knowing what lies after. Yoo Mi wants to run around the school yard twenty times (about four kilometers in length) but Joon Young thinks two is good enough. They bicker for a bit and then reach a compromise, sort of. They decide on a jogging race, and the winner would decide the length. Even when Yoo Mi is given a head start, Joon Young is very fast and beats her easily. Yoo Mi is left in the dirt to pout, but a deal is a deal.


The two run five laps around the court yard, and even though Joon Young pants to the end he seems to have done pretty well. That’s what Yoo Mi thinks, anyway. Joon Young looks like he has his life force sucked out of him, until a guitar is put in his arms. Then he is full of energy, always ready to rock. He sings his own rendition of “Falling Slowly” (Koreans love that song), which is just the line of “I don’t know you” being repeated over and over again. On the playground set Joon Young once again show that he is quite athletic, or energetic anyway, which just sparks fire in Yoo Mi’s eyes. Doesn’t he see that he’s only encouraging her? Now she wants to go rock climbing and hiking. You only have yourself to blame, Joon Young.

After a hard day of exercising, the two go to a restaurant to grill some meat. Yoo Mi tells him food always tastes really good after exercising, but it doesn’t look Joon Young thinks that’s good enough of a reason to exercise.


Last week we left off with Yoon Han meeting Lee So Yeon’s actor friends. Last time they revealed that she has a lot of aegyo after a few drinks, and today they reveal what they really think of her. According to her friends, Lee So Yeon is a hard working actress with a soft heart. They split into genders which means there is a lot of giggling and soft pushing between the women, and a really stiff and awkward conversation between the two men. As awkward as it is, Bae Soo Bin offers good advice to Yoon Han, who should take it seriously. The group of friends conspire to get them to kiss for a photo, but all Yoon Han does is pose by gently touching his lips to her face. That’s enough to make Lee So Yeon flustered. Later on Yoon Han reveals that the reason he didn’t actually give her a kiss is because he didn’t want their first kiss to be under those circumstances. He’s not really counting kisses but he wants it to be special.


It’s been a long day for the couple, but it’s not over yet. So Yeon suggests they go throw some pots together. She’s actually done it before, and she’s quite good. So Yeon is really showing Yoon Han and us that she’s good with her hands. She can bake fancy cakes and also make decent pottery, what else does she have underneath her sleeve? Yoon Han on the other hand, even though he is a pianist, is not very good. Perhaps he is too used to pounding on piano keys that he can’t mold the clay gently. It’s kind of cute to watch, and I think So Yeon felt the same way.

They share this moment where So Yeon helps Yoon Han mold the clay, and its reminiscent of the very famous scene from the movieGhost.” I’m sure they were thinking about the same scene, which is why So Yeon’s face was red and Yoon Han was strangely quiet.


Yoon Han is learning a lot about So Yeon. When he goofily messes up So Yeon’s plate, she doesn’t express her annoyance or criticize his work; like a gentle school teacher she suggests an alternative that can make both of them happy without hurting his feelings. So Yeon would make a really great mom. I can just imagine her doing work, and then her young child comes in tears and clings on to her. She would squat down to his level and gently wipe his tears, cooing comforting words.

Even though Yoon Han messes up, he does redeem himself by presenting So Yeon with a clay ring. He explains that this is something small and silly, and one day he’s going to put a real one on her. Every time I watch these two, I have to remind myself that this isn’t real. They’re not really going to get married. This is a virtual marriage. But man, I really wish this was real.


Next week, it looks like Yoon Han and So Yeon will have a photo shoot. We see a glimpse of Yoon Han’s delighted face when he sees his beautiful bride-to-be, and what is this? They’re teasing us, right? Will they really kiss?

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