Watch LEDApple’s Interview with Subtitles for LOEN’s Special “I’M” Series

Idol band LEDApple recently made their comeback with track, “With the Wind” and its respective music video was uploaded on LOEN Entertainment’s official YouTube page on November 3. In celebration of their comeback, the boys sat down for a brief interview in a special “I’M: Led Apple” segment as part of LOEN’s special interview series. English and Japanese subtitles are available for non-Korean speaking fans to enjoy! 

In the clip, the LEDApple members Han Byul, Young Jun, Kwang Yeon, Hyo Seok, and Kyu Min get to introduce themselves, talk about the origin of their group name, what kind of music they play, pick the most handsome member, recommend fall item necessities, favorite songs to listen to during the fall season and more! For example, did you know that the name LEDApple was inspired by comparisons others made of LEDApple to Led Zeppelin and the apple part was chosen to represent a fresh idol image? Watch the clip to find out more!