[SPOILER] “Reply 1994” Yoon Jin’s Husband Revealed

Singer and actress Min Do Hee (lead vocalist of girl group Tiny-G) revealed her feelings on her on-screen husband being made public.

On November 10, Do Hee posted on Tiny-G’s Twitter account, “Finally Yoon Jin’s husband has been revealed! Haha. Sam Cheon Po and Yoon Jin go well together, don’t they?”

The post was accompanied by selca shots, which showed off Min Do Hee’s cute face and pretty features. No wonder “Reply 1994“‘s Sam Cheon Po fell head over heels for her. In the pictures, Min Do Hee pouts for the camera, and the heart stamps just add to her adorable charm.

The love triangle between Yoon Jin, Sam Cheon Po (played by Kim Sung Gyun) and Hai Tai (played by Son Ho Joon) on “Reply 1994” is heating up, especially with Yoon Jin being moved by Sam Cheon Po’s sincerity on the eighth episode, despite their usual cat-and-dog relationship. Yoon Jin’s husband was then revealed in Sung Na Jung’s (Go Ara) wedding video, when she referred to Sam Cheon Po as “my husband.”

Answer Me 1994 Yoon JIn's Husband

Answer Me 1994 Yoon Jin's Husband

Answer Me 1994 Min Do Hee and Kim Sung Gyun