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I have to admit that the secondary characters really shined this week, more so than the main leads. Don’t get angry, it’s not like I dislike them but I am really drawn to Choi Young Do and now Lee Hyo Shin’s stories. In episodes 9 and 10, we got many things (mostly angsty) including some much needed confessions. Here are some moments that either had me scratching my head or grinning from ear to ear. 

Young Do and Tan’s Fight

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I am not saying it’s the best moment, but I do have something to say about it. This fight had zero to do with Eun Sang, it was just masked as that because of their involvement with her. Tan and Young Do both have had issues and this was bound to happen sooner or later, guess it just happened to occur when Eun Sang pops up. Frankly, I am happy the fight did happen because now it’s all out of their system. Plus, we saw glimpses of how Tan used to be. I mean, he didn’t hesitate to kick my Young Do down. Yes, I said my and I mean it. 

Esther Knows More Than We Thought

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We all know that Daddy Choi isn’t the best father and we know how abusive he is towards his son, but who knew he’d try it with his newest fiancee. Let’s just say Esther isn’t one to sit back and let someone cheat on her, especially without saying it. He then had to nerve to be all upset when he saw her with Jae Hoo, really? Of course she gets to the point and asks whether she should hide in her office like he does. I may question how Esther is as a parent, but it’s obvious she won’t let Daddy Choi make her look like an idiot, and I can really respect that about her. 

Again..I Feel For Rachel

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When I said secondary characters shined a lot, this is what I meant. She hides her hurt with that icy and arrogant personality, which I know Hyo Shin can see right through it. Many may hate her (I’ve seen the comments), but she’s trying so hard not to break a part. Look at her mother and look how Tan has treated her since their engagement. Honestly, I am actually happy she announced she wanted to break off the engagement. Tan needs a hard dose of reality and see how everyone else feels besides himself, he’s been selfish in thinking his actions have no effect on Rachel. Like her mother, she’s trying to appear strong and not be shown as vulnerable. An 18 year old with this many responsibilities must be stressed out all the time, so I can see why she acts the way she does.

Chan Young and Bo Na…What Else Can I Say?

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They have such great chemistry, and it’s very hard to choose any specific moments from them to talk about. Could it be their cute text conversation when Bo Na had their couple shoes for the camping trip? In exchange for the shoes, she asks for more skinship (hand holding, hugging, etc) and he admits he’s been holding back, then gets called a pervert. Haha. Then during their survival paintball competition he took a shot for her, telling her he gives her the world as a gift and grossing Ye Seol out in the process. I think the cutest thing was them sneaking off to go who knows where. Chan Young sees that no one is watching and leads Bo Na off..Myung Soo is taking pictures the entire time. Anyone think we’ll find out where they went next week *wink, wink* Heehee. 

Isn’t Myung Soo The Cutest?

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There’s nothing major to say about him, but Myung Soo is just the cutest thing ever. I do love his friendship with Young Do and Bo Na, especially with Young Do. I have noticed that out of everyone, Young Do doesn’t get upset when Myung Soo and Bo Na yell at him. They’re BFFLs. Lol. 

I Can Understand Young Do

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I can see where Young Do comes from when he has issues with Tan being from a mistress. All he ever saw was his father go from woman to woman and him asking whether his own mother was “one of those women” just broke my heart. I am not excusing his behavior, but his reaction to Tan being an illegitimate child is normal for someone who grew up under those circumstances. He once looked up to his former BFF probably due to what seemed like a more stable family life than him, plus the fact that Tan is an heir to a large company. He felt deceived and lied to, but I do have hope Tanny and Young Do will be friends again. They need each other more than they think. 

BONUS! So Not Creepy..At All

Screenshot_2013-11-09-21-15-22-1 Screenshot_2013-11-09-21-15-18-1

Last Week’s Question

Last week I decided to conduct a poll instead of asking a question: Which surprise kiss was better: Yoon Jae Hoo/Esther Lee or Kim Tan/Cha Eun Sang? The winner is….Tan and Eun Sang’s rooftop kiss! 

My question to you: How soon do you think Wonny will step up and choose Hyun Joo over his work? I’ll post the best comment in the next post! 

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