Actress Min Ji Oh Speaks About Her Bed Scene with Lee Joon in “Rough Play”

Min Ji Oh is an actress who made a late big screen debut at the age of 31, with the recent movie “Rough Play.” She officially started her acting career in 2011 with the drama, “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl.”

The rookie got a lot of great reviews for her performance in “Rough Play,” playing a woman who pretends to be nice and innocent, and then lets out her rough, foul-mouthed side.

The actress recently spoke about her bed scenes with Lee Joon in an interview.

Q: You had several bed scenes in the movie. Was it difficult for you? 

A: “The movie scenario originally didn’t emphasize the bed scenes. I was a little surprised when they said we would have to shoot a longer bed scene, but I didn’t feel a lot of pressure. Even when we had to shoot additional bed scenes, I didn’t think that they were unnecessary. Rather than feeling pressure about a bed scene, I felt pressure to look good in them.”

Q: What was your first impression of Lee Joon?

A: “When we first met, I expected him to be clumsy and silly like when he is on variety programs, but he was very gentle and well-mannered. I was kind of surprised seeing him quietly looking over the script in a corner or deeply bowing to the staff with respect. He was always respectful and happy. While shooting, he called himself a chic guy, but I could see some of his variety program self as well. He really made the atmosphere what it was, lifting everyone’s spirits and joking whenever he messed up, saying that he must be crazy!”

Q: How did you like working with Lee Joon?

A: “He has a nice voice and he’s a good actor, too. And his manners are great. He’s the single main character of the movie and if you consider his acting debut, he’s my senior, and much more popular than I am. Regardless, when we were doing the bed scene, even though it was edited out, and during action scenes as well, he took care of me. Especially during the bed scenes, it’s somewhat vague when the director yells ‘cut.’ But when the staff handed us clothes, he’d always give it to me first. He has a way of being considerate with the small things. I was really thankful for that.”

“Rough Play,” starring Lee Joon, was released on October 24.

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