Moon Hee Jun Opposed His Sister Becoming a Member of S.E.S

On the November 9 episode of MBC’s “World Changing Quiz,” for their family special, Moon Hee Jun revealed that while he was doing activities with H.O.T, his little sister Moon Hye Ri made the SM Entertainment auditions.

He said, “My little sister liked to dance. Lee Soo Man [the CEO of SM] saw that and was about to put her on S.E.S. I opposed her becoming a celebrity because of her future and the parts of life that you have to give up.”

At this, MC Kim Gu Ra joked that H.O.T member Kangta seemed to like his little sister at the time, and that Kangta said he was a little upset that Moon Hee Jun blocked that from happening. Moon Hee Jun replied, “I said it wouldn’t happen under any circumstances. Is he still upset? He must have met so many women since then.”

Previously, Moon Hye Ri appeared on MBC’s “Bouquet” and became a hot topic for her good looks. She said, “While my brother was a member of H.O.T, there was a scandal between me and Kangta. At the time, the members, to protect me, said that I wasn’t a fan of H.O.T.”

Moon Hye Ri added, “H.O.T was an idol to teens, and I became an enemy to the girl fans. After that I was unable to spend a normal school life. Even during resting periods, people would come to see me. I didn’t have a choice but to go study abroad.”

Moon Hye Ri, who majored in fashion design, has opened a shopping mall in the past and not only sold, but modeled clothes, as well.

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