Which Leader of EXO Pulled Off Kim Jong Kook’s Name Tag on Running Man?

On the episode of SBS’ “Running Man” which aired on November 10, the members carried out missions given by Ryu Hyun Jin of the LA Dodgers. The final mission consisted of a battle between the Running Man team and 11 members of EXO

The final mission was a “Bells Hide and Seek,” and EXO attacked first. The EXO members patrolled the outlet mall in pairs searching for the Running Man members.

Kai was the first person to find Kim Jong Kook hiding in the storage room at the back of a store. Intimidated by Kim Jong Kook, Kai said, “I can’t do it by myself. Help me.”

Baekhyun said, “I’ll go get the other members,” and summoned all the members. Kim Jong Kook was cornered by four of the EXO members and after some scuffling around Suho finally pulled off Kim Jong Kook’s nametag.

The next target was Gary. Three EXO members discovered Gary hiding in another storage room and, they also eliminated Gary from the game. They didn’t forget to extend their greetings after they pulled off his nametag.

The remainder of the Bells Hide and Seek between the Running Man team and EXO will air next Sunday, November 17. 

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