Rookie Idol Group AlphaBAT Releases Teaser for Debut Single “AB CITY”

Rookie male idol group AlphaBAT recently released the teaser clip for their debut digital single, “AB CITY” on November 6 through their official YouTube channel and Facebook page (which, by the looks of the banner image – might help explain why AlphaBAT decided to emphasize the “bat” in their group name as a tribute to superhero Batman). 

In the teaser clip, the nine-member group employs a unique approach to help fans recognize each member by introducing them in alphabetical order. That is, according to the first initial of each member’s assigned greek alphabet name with the exception of Code (Zeta would be pronounced as Jeta in Korean, since the Korean alphabet lacks the “z” consonant). Intentional or not, the cleverly titled track “AB CITY” also phonetically imitates the letters “A, B, C, D” in keeping with their alphabet theme. 

The teaser clip has received positive feedback from netizens thus far, eliciting comments such as, “I really can’t wait to see their music video!” and “They’re all so good-looking!”

Check out the teaser below!