FT Island Gives a Glimpse of Their New Song

FT Island just released their second teaser for their new album. Check out their previous teaser here!

At midnight on November 11, FNC Entertainment released on their homepage and Facebook a portion of the lyrics for FT Island’s new song, called “Madly.”

The lyrics were released on black and white teaser images of each of the members, looking like they miss their fans like mad. “I miss you like crazy,” “I just keep missing you,” “Words I’m dying to say,” “I can’t forget you,” “You’re too far away to hear me cry.” We miss you too!

“Madly” is a FT Island-style ballad, and will be released on November 18. At midnight on November 12, a different teaser for their “The Mood” mini album will be also be released.

Stay tuned for more updates on FT Island’s upcoming album!

ft island seung hyun

ft island min hwan

ft island jae jin

ft island hongki