Lee Soo Geun, Tak Jae Hoon, and Others Under Investigation for Illegal Gambling

Comedian Lee Soo Geun and singer/actor Tak Jae Hoon are under investigation for illegal gambling.

According to SBS’s 8pm news on November 10, Lee Soo Geun and Tak Jae Hoon were questioned at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office about illegal gambling on a sports gambling site.

These two celebrities, according to the report, were charged with gambling several hundred million won (several hundred thousand dollars) on the private gambling site. Lee Soo Geun allegedly has won tens of thousands to several million won (hundreds to thousands of dollars) before from a bet on a foreign sports match.

Previously, comedian Kim Yong Man has been to trial for similar charges of illegal gambling.

Lee Soo Geun’s agency SM C&C confirmed on November 11 that the comedian was questioned that day, and announced that “He will be withdrawing from the shows that he is currently doing (“1 Night 2 Days,” “Neighborhood Sports,” “Millionaire Game – My Turn”), and that he will not be doing broadcasts for some time. He did acknowledge the charges, admitted to his wrongs, and apologized to those who had watched him over the years.”

Lee Soo Geun and Tak Jae Joon were found out in the middle of investigations for the gambling site owner and broker. Tak Jae Hoon was revealed to have also bet large amounts of money, and the list of celebrities receiving investigation does not stop here, including former H.O.T member Tony Ahn.

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