SHINee’s Taemin Says He’ll Never Date Publicly

SHINee’s Taemin recently shared with viewers that he has no desire to date publicly just yet. 

On November 12, he starred as a guest on KBS’s quiz program “1 vs. 100.” He began by clarifying his standpoint on dating by saying, “If I said I’d never dated before, I’d be lying to you. I’ve even kissed.” To which, MC Han Seok Jun of course had to ask, “When did you have your first relationship and kiss?” Taemin replied, “I had my first relationship in elementary school, and my first kiss in kindergarten.” He continued, “Since I’m at that age where I would probably be wanting to date a girl, there are probably many people who think I would want to date – but actually, I don’t have that desire. Maybe it’s because I’ve been filming ”We Got Married’ and I’ve been able to experience things here and there. If I do begin a romantic relationship, I would want to be able to date comfortably. When I get older, I might want to make my relationship public, but right now I don’t want to.” 

This episode airs on November 12 at 8:55pm (KST).