Suzy Understands the True Meaning of Pepero Day

Adorable miss A member and talented actress Suzy recently shared a photo of herself getting at the true meaning of Pepero Day (November 11) – and that’s eating them (Peperos)! Lots of them!

On November 11, Suzy tweeted the photo with the brief yet sufficiently explanatory caption, “1111.” In the photo, Suzy comically tries to munch on as many delicious Peperos as she can at one time while sitting cross-legged. Suzy has been busy with miss A’s promotion for their latest comeback track, “Hush,” but doesn’t seem to be missing out on any of the action during Pepero day!


Want to try your hand at crafting these decadent chocolate-covered biscuits? Check out Soompi’s own homemade “Pepero” recipe by Soompi editor CallMeNoona that is bound to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings of your sweetie, crush or friends! Or run away with Suzy’s genius idea and stash them in your fridge for your sole snacking pleasure. You decide! Take a look at what CallMeNoona made below!