Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga”: The Story I’ve Been Wanting to Tell

Taeyang’s new song “Ringa Linga” contains a “story I’ve been wanting to tell.”

BIGBANG Taeyang’s previous solo tracks, “Look Only At Me,” “Where U At,” “Wedding Dress” and “I Need A Girl” were all songs based on the theme of love. His new song “Ringa Linga” breaks from that tradition and chooses a more free-spirited path.

The song’s lyrics, “Wave your hands like you’re free,” “Shake like you’ve got a seizure,” “Women (cry) at my body and my songs,” brought out his witty, provocative side.

Taeyang had this to say about his new song, “I wanted to tell everyone ‘let’s enjoy ourselves together.’ I’ve sang many songs about love before, but this time I wanted to try a new style and talk about what I feel at my age now. Rather than clichéd love songs, the song contains a message for fans from my current viewpoint.”

While incorporating elements of his smooth R&B style from existing songs, Taeyang is trying experimenting with his music with this new song, mixing hip hop elements into a powerful and intense sound.

He explained, “The song is distinct in that it mixes together many different genres, adding dubstep and electronic to a trap base. I added in some rap this time too, so there’s a strong hip hop flavor to the song. This song is a style that I wanted to do.”

Taeyang has also transformed his style, looking rugged and sexy with tattoos, bleached hair and a ripped body, in his music video and teaser images. He said, “I wanted to show a new appearance by having pictograms and tribal prints on my body in order to enhance the ruggedness and wildness of the look.”

Taeyang had his comeback stage on SBS “Inkigayo,” with a powerful performance, proving to music fans once again why he is such a highly acclaimed dancer.