Former T-ara Member Ahreum’s Agency Tells People To Stop Speculations

The agency of former T-ara member, Areum, has requested the public to stop over-speculating about the singer’s health conditions, after the singer’s series of encrypted SNS posts.

On November 9, Areum posted on her Instagram, “My Birthday! One minute has already passed ahh TT TT TT People of Korea! Please Wait! Please!!! Korea! The thing I want to kill the most is the hurt of the heart in every individual!!! Everyone is having a hard time because of that right!? Day by Day!! Please wait a little bit. I, Lee Ahreum, do things that she says she will do. I have lived by working hard through the best confirmation! The wish that I wished for this time was, ‘World Happiness.’ Keep smiling because it will happen in due time. Certainly!! I will promise you. Give me your promise. Smile for now.”

areum instagram

The encrypted message continued to confuse the public as fans pointed out the singer’s birthday was in fact on April 19, and not in the month of November. Thus, the series of posts have caused many to speculate the meanings of the messages as the observations of recent uploaded images of Ahreum smiling a strange smile or giving a certain stare have created public worry over the singer’s health.

In what seemed like a response towards the speculations, the singer posted on November 10 a short video on Instagram saying, “I, too, have feelings so I cry as much as I want to. I’m warning you. I like people who love me, but I don’t need things like fans. If you’re not going to treat me like human, don’t write any comments. When I’m speaking nicely.”

The additional encrypted message by Ahreum has created more speculation in regards to her condition, as well as the previous rumors of the singer’s spirit possession that caused her to leave the group. Although the former member posted a second video on her Instagram explaining the previous video as acting, the public continued to speculate the status of Ahreum’s mental health.

However, in response to public speculations, her agency Core Entertainment clarified on November 10, “We ask that people would stop speculating untrue claims about Ahreum. She is only 20 years old, and is a young child, which is why we ask that you all will cherish her. And for the sake of one young person’s life, we ask that you stop the speculations.”

Ahreum left T-ara back in July. During that time, her agency explained, “Ahreum, who was more in to hip hop, expressed that she wanted to go solo to show her music style in a different way and the other members respected her decision.” Thus, currently, T-ara is promoting as a six member group, as she prepares for her solo activities.