BoA’s Flawless Skin Shown on “BoA 4354” Draws Attention Once Again

BoA’s dewy, no-makeup skin looks fabulous! 

Grab you moisturizers because after seeing BoA’s flawless skin, you might just embark on a quest to figure out the secret to her beautiful, clear, no-makeup skin.

The attention grabbing clip of BoA’s skin was from a segment of her comeback show, “BoA 4354,” that aired last year. The segment included a self-cam in which the singer personally filmed herself in an intimate, behind-the-scenes setting. What caught many viewers’ eyes was the singer’s flawless skin that radiated despite the lack of makeup. Although the camera seemed too close to her face, a big “no-no” in the art of selca-ing, the singer’s beauty simply shone despite the dim lighting. The screenshots of that scene have been circulating in online communities once again, drawing praise and questions about BoA’s beauty secret.

boa flawless skin

The images of BoA’s flawless skin attested to the unfading beauty of the veteran singer. 13 years of stage makeup, long hours of practice, lack of sleep, and crazy schedules seemed to have taken little toll on the singer’s skin.

BoA, you really ought give us a few tips on how to maintain such a clear skin complexion!