[Update] [Breaking] Nude Photos Tweeted by Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Account, Hacked?

A series of nude photos of a woman were uploaded on Super Junior’s Eunhyuk’s Twitter just an hour ago on November 11. The first three posts revealed different photos with the same message that reads, “This is Superstar K4’s Hwang Seol Lin. kekeke”

Just in case fans might doubt the credibility of the photo, the fourth and currently last photo on his account reads, “This is Superstar K4’s Hwang Seoul Lin. What do you mean, photoshop? kkk It’s not photoshop and it’s true it’s Superstar K4’s Hwang Sul Lin. Verified. keke.”

Update #1: Eunhyuk deleted the photos and left a message to the fans, “Twitter friends, you were surprised, right? Because there seems like there are a lot of folks who want to eat ‘Go So Mi.’ Sorry. *tear*

‘Go So Mi’ is a cracker and also a play on word for ‘go so,’ which means to legally sue.

 Update #2: SM Entertainment releases a statement confirming what many fans have guessed. “Eunhyuk’s Twitter got hacked. We reported this to Twitter.”

This isn’t the first time Eunhyuk’s Twitter got hacked. On March 6, this past year, Eunhyuk left comments to his hacker like “Who are you? Stop it,” and “This is getting really serious.”


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