Topp Dogg Is Highly Desired Overseas

Rookie boy group Topp Dogg is receiving calls from overseas.

According Topp Dogg’s agency, Stardom Entertainment, on November 11, the group has received casting calls from numerous countries abroad including Brazil and Singapore, and they are in the process of setting up a schedule. The group even received an offer for a Japanese debut before their official debut in Korea, and they are making significant progress to make it happen.

The rep from Stardom Entertainment stated, “Aside from their current song ‘Use Your Words,’ Kidoh’s underground unit’s track will release on November 11. The group will release their second song at the end of the month,” and, “Topp Dogg will release its second mini album in the beginning of next year, so it will be critical to adjust their schedule to accommodate to their appearances overseas.”

Meanwhile, Topp Dogg is performing actively on various music shows with their first single, “Use Your Words.”