Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Injured in Hong Kong, SM Entertainment Updates on Her Status

News that Jessica of Girls’ Generation suffered a head injury has been circulating on various online communities. A photo at the scene of the incident was uploaded on a Girls’ Generation fan Instagram account.

In the photo is an image of a man helping Jessica get up from the ground. The author of the post wrote, “Jessica was pushed by a security guard and her head hit a railing. She also passed out. Her manager had to carry her to the plane. According to fans at the airport, security shoved Jessica because they thought she was a fan.”

At the time of the incident, Girls’ Generation was at the airport in Hong Kong. Many fans were present to see the group off to Korea, and there was disorder in the crowd.

In connection to the incident, SM Entertainment released a statement on November 11 stating, “After arriving in Korea, Jessica was examined by doctors who said she has a contusion. She is currently resting at home. However, since the injury is on her head, we will be keeping a close eye on her.”

Jessica will not be attending the group’s autograph signing on November 12.

Please get well soon, Jessica!

Jessica's Injury

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