Kim Jae Won and Jo Yoon Hee Bring New “Scandal” to Couple Pictorial

Recently, new photos of actors Kim Jae Won and Jo Yoon Hee have been revealed via a star style magazine called “High Cut.”  Bringing their bodies close, they display how intimate they are, which could not be seen in the MBS weekend drama “Scandal.” The two acted together as leads in that popular drama. In this fashion pictorial, Kim Jae Won and Jo Yoon Hee also show a side of themselves not often seen on screen.

In one image, Kim Jae Won left open his jacket and showed off his solid body, while in another,  Jo Yoon Hee poses intimately with her fellow “Scandal” actor, putting her hand up his sweater. They both wear GUESS JEANS for the shooting.

Their pictorial and the whole interview is on the 113th edition of “HIGH CUT” released on November 7. 

Kim JaeWon & Jo YoonHee