FT Island Is Mature and Charismatic in New Set of Teaser Images for “Madly”

New teaser images of FT Island‘s upcoming return have been released!

After FNC Entertainment released teaser images featuring the handsome members of the talented band as well as a few lines of the lyrics to their new single “Madly,” additional images were uploaded on November 12.

Just like the first round of teaser images, the new photos are black-and-white images of the members. FT Island’s official Facebook posted the photos along with the caption, “The unit and group comeback image of FTISLAND 5TH MINI ALBUM [THE MOOD] is released. Please give us your interest.”

In the photos, the FT Island members look handsome, slightly somber and charismatic. The black-and-white filter gives off a more mature atmosphere for the band as they will be making their return for their fifth mini album.

FT Island will be returning with “Madly” on November 18.

FT ISLAND THE MOOD teaser image 1

FT ISLAND THE MOOD teaser image 2

FT ISLAND THE MOOD teaser image 3