Boom and Andy Also Charged with Illegal Gambling

Boom and Andy, have been added to the list of celebrities who received investigations for illegal gambling.

According to the police on November 11, Boom has charged with gambling several million won (several hundred thousand dollars) on the English Premier League soccer matches through his smartphone. Boom’s agency commented, “Boom has diligently cooperated with the investigations and is currently waiting for the results. Aside from the results, Boom sincerely wants to apologize to everyone that he worried. He will be stepping down from all of his TV programs and will take time off for self-reflection.”

Andy was also charged with gambling a huge amount of money on illegal online gambling sites. JTBC announced that they will be waiting for the results from the court to decide whether or not Andy will be continuing with “Shinhwa Broadcast.”

Boom, Andy and the other celebrities will receive their sentences after further investigations. Previously, Lee Soo Geun, Tony An and Tak Jae Hoon were also accused of illegal gambling. They have all admitted to the charges and are preparing their official statements.

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