Cutie Lee Junsu of “Daddy, Where are We Going?” is Now A Two-Wheel Bike Champion

On November 11, actor Lee Jong Hyuk, who is one of the members of the popular TV show “Daddy, Where are We Going,” revealed on his Twitter that his son Lee Junsu is now able to ride a two-wheel bike. Here is what he said: “On his first try today, Junsu rode his two-wheel bike successfully. I was a bit surprised. Tak Soo [Junsu’s older brother] helped him as well. At first, Junsu wanted to ride his roller blades…he used to look so cute with them. May you excel in every sport Junsu!!! ^^”

On the program that was aired on October 20, Junsu was the only kid not to have been able to ride a two-wheel bike. Less than a month later after the episode aired, Lee Jong Hyuk is happy to announce otherwise.

Netizens commented, “Congrats Junsu!,” “I want to see him ride the bike on the show,” “I felt for Junsu when he couldn’t ride it. Good stuffs!,” “That’s my favourite Junsu right there!”

Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Junsu on Daddy Where are We Going