Actress Jung Joo Yeon Reveals Sidus HQ Labelmate Kim Woo Bin’s True Personality

Kim Woo Bin‘s true personality has been revealed!

Model and actress Jung Joo Yeon recently gave an interview where she talked about her Sidus HQ labelmate, Kim Woo Bin. She said, “Even though we’re the same age, he really seems like an oppa.”

She continued, “We’re still not that close but I hear a lot from people in the agency. They say that he’s really honest and a manly man. He does have a manly personality but he’s very warm toward not only toward his friends but to many others around him. He is very good at caring about others.”

In the past, Kim Woo Bin talked about his own personality by saying, “I have a lot of aegyo (cute charm). I also like skinship. I’m usually the youngest on the film set and I like to hug and be hugged by the hyungs.”

Meanwhile, Jung Joo Yeon is currently receiving love for her role on the drama, “Princess Aurora.”