Lim Kim Releases Adorable Teaser Images for “Goodbye 20”

Rookie singer Lim Kim recently released teaser images for her newest title track “Goodbye 20”!

On November 12, Lim Kim’s agency Mystic89 shared teaser images of title track “Goodbye 20” off her first album to Lim Kim’s official Facebook page. 

The talented singer has been gathering interest for what type of concept she will pursue next after churning out an array of hits such as “All Right,” “Rain,” and “Voice.” 

The teaser images are from Lim Kim’s “Goodbye 20” music video and features the singer having a party with friends at home as a twenty-year-old. 

On the track itself, Mystic89 said, “Lim Kim’s ‘Goodbye 20’ says it all in the title, it’s about a girl who says farewell to being 20 years old and her feelings about it. The melody is bright, airy, and addictive. We hope you look forward to one of the cutest songs Lim Kim has come out with since the release of her previous tracks.” 

Lim Kim_teaserimages