R&B Artists Lee Jung and Ha Dong Kyun Release “Where is the Love” Music Video

R&B artists J-Lee (Lee Jung) and Ha Dong Kyun (of R&B group Wanted) have released a music video for their new song “Where is the Love?

On November 11, the music video for “Where is the Love” was uploaded toKT Music’s YouTube channel. The track is part of Korean R&B prince J-Lee’s 10th Anniversary Album Part 02 “Synerge.”

Both J-Lee and Ha Dong Kyun debuted in 2003 with R&B group 7 Dayz, but the group was disbanded after one album. J-Lee went solo, while Ha Dong Kyun became a member of R&B group Wanted. Both are current solo artists, who have collaborated multiple times with one another.

The song itself is a rare male duet, with Lee Jung’s high notes harmonizing perfectly with Ha Dong Kyun’s low tones. “Where is the Love” is a smooth R&B song, with a piano and guitar base, and all the elements coming together to create a track that soars through an epic love tragedy.

Set in a foreign country, the video is a journey that begins with a train pulling out of a train station. J-Lee and Ha Dong Kyun both appear in the video, but do not acknowledge the presence of one another. With the backdrop of the setting sun and the use of grey tones to create a gloomy feel, the MV features the two singers taking a walk along a body of water, each alone, contemplating the love shared, the pain of loss, and yearning for a loved one.

Check out the sad R&B ballad below!