Boom Quits Recording “Star King” Amidst Illegal Gambling Investigation

Boom has quit recording for “Star King” amidst the recent celebrity illegal gambling uproar.

Boom revealed his involvement to the production team of SBS variety program “Star King” on November 11. It seems like he was feeling burdened that media reports were being released.

While Boom attended recording for “Star King,” he revealed that it would be difficult for him to continue filming as per normal after three hours on set. The entertainer requested the understanding of the production team and left the recording, stating that it would be impossible for him to continue. Kang Ho Dong ended up emceeing latter half of the show without Boom.

Boom’s agency KOEN TN stated on November 11, “Boom is giving his full cooperation to the prosecution, and we are currently awaiting the results of the investigation. There are several other celebrities who are also being investigated for illegal gambling, and Boom has also been examined by the prosecution. KOEN TN and Boom are awaiting the investigation results. Boom is sincerely apologetic for making people worry about him because of his mistakes.”

Lee Su Geun, Tak Jae Hoon, Tony Ahn, Andy and Boom are celebrities who are currently being investigated for their involvement in illegal online gambling. There are apparently three to four more celebrities who are also involved. The Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office caught two football gambling brokers in August, and had been carrying out their investigation in the three months following, leading to the current illegal gambling investigation.